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Team Building

Activities and adventure sports for companies

Team building, is a series of activities whose main goal is to improve employee performance and interpersonal relationships. It is a development and growth tool used in all types of organisations, from sports teams to school groups.

Activities can be adapted and focused on improving specific competencies or skills, as well as helping to unlock mental boundaries that teams and individuals have. For example, stepping out of the comfort zone or tackling virtually impossible obstacles as achievable challenges. But beyond that, by associating team building with adventure activities, the sensations, emotions and feelings can be brought much deeper into this learning process.


Team building in kayak routes has a double impact on the participants. On the one hand, those who have never been in a kayak will learn how to navigate it; on the other hand, the kayaks we use are double, so they will have to communicate with their partner to synchronise with the paddles.

It is the perfect activity for high performance teams if you are looking to strengthen bonds between different workers. It also boosts competitiveness with the different games, dynamics and exercises that we will offer during the session.


Another of our star team building workshops, canyoning is not only capable of bringing out the bravest and most adventurous side of each participant, but also allows you to learn that there is always a way to achieve all your goals.

Participants in this activity will climb, jump, slide and get wet in a way they never imagined before. They will learn the basic techniques of canyoning, but also discover that there is always a tool to solve all kinds of problems.


Coasteering is a perfect activity for team building as it combines different disciplines and encourages cooperation and team spirit. This exciting activity consists of climbing stones and rocks near the sea, walking routes through almost inaccessible areas, jumping into the water and, above all, having fun and laughing with your teammates.

Many companies choose coasteering for their team building activities in Alicante due to the stunning geography of the region. In places like Villajoyosa, the cliffs and rock formations not only offer spectacular scenery, but also an ideal setting to strengthen trust and collaboration within the team.

Via ferrata

The via ferrata is a fantastic team-building option, ideal for both climbing enthusiasts and those trying it for the first time. This fun and challenging route is adapted to reach places that otherwise hardly anyone would enjoy, making it a unique team-building experience.

Imagine your team tackling the steepest walls, using huge iron clamps to climb together to spectacular views. This experience not only challenges each team member physically, but also fosters cooperation, communication and mutual support.

Climbing baptism

a group of people standing on a rocky beach

Climbing baptism teambuilding is crucial for those teams that need to work on personal and team improvement. In front of them they will find an impossible rock wall, but with motivation and their own hands they will be able to overcome it successfully.

They will not be alone: the Alicante Aventura instructors will give advice to keep climbing, while the rest of the teammates encourage, inspire and motivate the brave who are giving their all on that vertical wall.


Hiking for team building is an activity that promotes team cohesion and collaboration while enjoying nature. It consists of hiking trails together, overcoming natural obstacles and encouraging communication, mutual support and physical endurance. It is an effective way to improve group dynamics in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

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