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Water Caving in Sumidero de Vallada

Túnel del Sumidor, the aquatic cave not to be missed!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult Ages: 13+
Child Ages: 10-12

A different adventure that brings you closer to the heart of our planet!

At Alicante Aventura we really enjoy taking you to explore fascinating corners of our territory, and the Sumidor Tunnel is no less. So if you feel like exploring in the dark, soaking a little and marveling at a very different activity, we invite you to join us in this aquatic cave.

Where Is The Sumidor Tunnel
Aquatic Cave Located?

The Sumidor tunnel cave is located in the town of Vallada, very close to Onteniente and Jativa . To access this town you must take the A-35 highway and head north or south, depending on where you start.

The cave is located in the Penyo ravine, specifically at its head, so it is a fantastic option to combine this activity with a bit of canyoning to warm up your engines. Additionally, you can take the Cruz Del Penyo hiking route.

What Is The Sumidor
Tunnel Cave Like?

The Sumidor Tunnel is 1,300 meters long and has a recognized drop of 205 meters, so throughout the itinerary you will go deeper and deeper while moving away from the surface. It has one of the largest gypsum cavities in the world. It’s a water cave, so you have to be willing to get wet. Wetsuits and waterproof backpacks will be crucial to keeping you dry and warm, while keeping your personal belongings well protected.

As soon as you enter you will be able to marvel at its beauty and incredible structures on the floor, walls and ceiling. Regarding its route, there are two possible sections: the upper one, about 500 meters, with various levels of height, rooms and karst formations to learn about its formation; and the lower section is more abrupt, with siphons, rooms and waterfalls of up to 20 meters that will leave you impressed.

You will not find flora inside, but you will find fauna present. And apart from the occasional insect and invertebrate that can rarely be found in other nearby habitats, there is a colony of troglodyte bats. The fact that the cave is made of plaster makes it not easy, since experience is required in placing the safety elements to advance, as well as climbing and rappelling. That is why having an expert instructor who leads the way is essential.