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School Activities

Discover the best multi-adventure activities to do with schoolchildren!

From Alicante Aventura we will not only provide all the necessary safety equipment, but also the most professional guides and instructors, who at the same time will liven up this lively day with lots of fun.

What will they learn with Alicante Aventura’s school activities?

We believe that sport and the practice of active tourism activities is a perfect way to teach young people to love physical exercise and to respect nature. And it is precisely at this age, when they are still growing up, when all these important values can be established.

Because you have to be brave and daring, to not be afraid to face any kind of obstacle, but always safely. We will explain everything about the use of the different materials that are used, starting by making them understand that thinking is the best tool to avoid hurting themselves.

They will also feel new experiences for the first time, breaking out of that comfort zone that can hold youngsters back. In a safe, pleasant and fun environment, they will test their skills with exciting activities that will excite them.

But that’s not all. In Alicante Aventura we put a lot of effort in offering cultural knowledge. We love our province and all that the magnificent geography of the province of Alicante has to offer, so we will awaken their curiosity with facts that will fascinate them.

What are the best activities to do with school children?

Depending on the age and number of participants, there are some very interesting activities for schoolchildren. Our bet is on the following:

Water canyon “Gorgo de la Escalera”

Dare to descend one of the best aquatic canyons in the Valencian Community, as it retains water all year round. This is an initiation canyon within the reach of the whole family, with jumps of various heights, none of which are obligatory. It also ends with a 25-metre abseil next to a waterfall. With an immediate approach from the car park.

Via Ferrata of Enguera

The via ferrata of Fuente de Godalla has a zip line that crosses the ravine on a route of no more and no less than 70 metres. But not only that, it is a fun challenge all the way. You will have an unbeatable day of sport and nature.

a person holding a kite

Combo “Gorgo de la Escalera Canyon + Via Ferrata of Enguera”

Enjoy a day of maximum adventure with this perfect combo of water canyoning and via ferrata.

a group of people posing for the cameraa group of people riding on top of a hill

Via ferrata of Elda

Immerse yourself in adventure with the three consecutive via ferratas of the Bolon, each with its own challenge. From the family-friendly Mirador via ferrata, perfect for children, to the thrilling Cuentamontes via ferrata with vertical steps and a Tibetan bridge, culminating in the epic Bolón via ferrata, with the longest zip line in the Valencian Community, 130 metres of pure adrenaline and breathtaking views!

a group of people wearing military uniforms

Redován via ferrata

Experience the thrill of the via ferrata in Redován, one of the most exciting climbing destinations in the south of the province of Alicante.

a woman standing on a rocky hill

Relleu via ferrata

Also known as Via ferrata Penya del Figueret, it has a very special feature: it is only accessible from 1 June to 30 September due to bird protection. This is why you should hurry and make the most of the time when you can enjoy it.

Aquatic dynamics

Spend a day of water games with guaranteed laughter. We will provide you with kayaks, paddle-surf boards and our best and funniest guides.

The coves of Villajoyosa in kayak

You will discover cliffs and hidden nooks and crannies among the rocks, a simple, fun route with access to the sea at all times if necessary.

Morro de Toix by kayak and Cova dels Coloms in Altea

A beautiful cliff area where you can enjoy a spectacular kayak tour. Apart from this dynamic water activity, you will also be able to enter the Cova dels Coloms, a magical place with magical formations. A beautiful cliff area where you can enjoy a spectacular kayak tour. Apart from this dynamic water activity, you will also be able to enter the Cova dels Coloms, a magical place with magical formations.

Granadella Cove by kayak

Turquoise waters, the Cova del LLop Marí, the lighthouse of San Antoni, the island of the discoverer and many other wonders await you on this fantastic route.

a group of people swimming in the water


Coasteering is a sporting activity that combines many activities in itself: as well as climbing stones or rocks close to the sea, you’ll go over almost inaccessible areas rocks close to the sea, you’ll be able to walk through almost inaccessible areas, jump into the water, get wet and, above all, you’ll end up with a smile from ear to ear.

What are Alicante Aventura’s multi-adventure activities for schoolchildren like?

They will take up a whole morning until midday, where we will begin by explaining how the different materials used in the activities work and helping the youngsters to learn how to use them.

Once they have mastered the technique, we will propose different games in which they will be able to demonstrate their skills, have a great time and learn a lot more about these sports. At the end of the day we will share the experience to find out how the boys and girls have felt during the adventure.

If the group is large, we will divide it to do activities alternately, so no one will be left without trying anything. We have material and instructors for everyone!