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Horse riding

Discover the province of Alicante riding in noble company!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult Ages: 11+
Child Ages: 6-10

Getting the chance to ride behind these gentle creatures doesn’t happen every day!

Your horse and the special bond you will form! If you are a city person, you will feel totally attracted to this activity. The fact is that feeling the touch of nature, rurality and wildness will awaken long dormant emotions inside you. It is not every day that you can ride a horse.

Horses are social animals, they like company and enjoy being caressed. Before, during and after you will have the opportunity to touch him, brush him and feel how a bond is formed between you and your horse. So take advantage of the session to enjoy the touch and smell of a horse, to take a kinaesthetic souvenir home with you.

Our horse riding routes in Alicante

At the beginning, if you have not ridden a horse before, we will teach you the basics to control your horse. That’s why there will be a short instruction session where we will explain what you need to do to enjoy the subsequent route.

In an enclosed arena you will familiarise yourself with your horse and learn the most basic movements so that it will listen to you and go where you want it to go. Little by little, and once you are ready, we will leave this track to embark on the beautiful trails of Finestrat.

Family, friends and horses will ride together through the surrounding trails of this municipality, Finestrat. In the interior of Alicante, you can enjoy the relaxing sound of horses trotting, and even the occasional neigh. Horses also love to be taken for a ride.