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Explore the cliffs of Villajoyosa from a different perspective!

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Adult Ages: 14+
Child Ages: 13 & Under

Awaken your adventurous spirit and unleash the intrepid child who loves climbing rocks and trees by immersing yourself in an exciting coasteering experience with Alicante Aventura!

Surely you’ve seen it happen: brave people who climb up cliffs, through impossible places, to end up jumping into the water while you stand on the beach, fascinated by their daring. Coasteering is much closer than you think.

You have to try it! From Alicante Aventura we want you to bring out your inner child who loves climbing rocks and trees, who is curious and wants to climb high places. We want you to do coasteering in Alicante safely, that you take the plunge, that you dare and that, in short, you enjoy the experience.

Coasteering is a sporting activity that combines many activities in itself: as well as climbing stones or rocks close to the sea, you will go through itineraries through almost inaccessible areas, you will make water jumps, you will get wet and, above all, you will end up with a smile from ear to ear.

And that’s what it’s all about, having fun. In coasteering, the aim is for you to be a goat, for you to travel the most tortuous and complicated path between rocks and cliffs and for you to manage to overcome it. You try, you fail, you take a well-deserved dip in the water and you climb back up those rocks to continue along the path you have decided to climb.

Many people choose to go coasteering in Alicante because of the geography of the area. Especially here in Villajoyosa, we have cliffs and rock formations that are as beautiful as they are challenging, making it an adventure that will have you discovering beautiful scenery while pushing your personal limits.


Do you dare to climb stone walls and jump into the water from the top?