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Canyoning in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia

Challenge everything inside you and that voice that tells you that canyoning is not a good idea. At Alicante Aventura we will help you discover why you should do this activity at least once in your life. You won’t be able to resist climbing the walls and hanging from the ropes once you’ve tried it.

Get over yourself, put yourself in extreme (but controlled) situations where you can feel all kinds of emotions. Some laugh, some cry, but most of all at the end of the canyoning trip everyone says they had a great time.

From 45

Come to enjoy the thrilling Gorgo de la Escalera Canyon in Anna, just 1 hour and 30 minutes from Alicante and 1 hour from Valencia. This captivating water canyon, ideal for the whole family, challenges you with optional jumps and culminates in a thrilling 25-metre abseil next to a waterfall – guaranteed adventure with an easy approach from your vehicle!

From 45

Explore the Bolulla or Estret de les Penyes canyon with Alicante Aventura: a unique adventure among spectacular landscapes, adrenaline and the constant support of our instructors. An exciting descent, perfect for beginners, with thermal springs and rocky passages shaped by the water. We provide you with all the necessary equipment and safety to turn this experience into an unforgettable memory.

From 40

Dare to discover the essence of canyoning in the impressive Mascarat canyon with Alicante Aventura. Your first experience will be unforgettable as you enter the impressive rock walls up to 100 metres high, while we provide you with all the safety equipment so that you only have to worry about enjoying yourself to the maximum.

From 45

Explore the excitement and beauty of the Barranco de la Mela with Alicante Aventura. Discover fabulous landscapes, enjoy jumps and canyoning slides shaped by the water, with monitors who will guide you in this unforgettable adventure, providing you with all the safety and equipment necessary for you to live a unique and memorable experience.

From 45

Experience the thrill of canyoning near the town of Acloy with the Soler canyon. With a vertical route and abseiling, Alicante Aventura provides assistance and equipment, making this challenging canyoning experience a great way to increase your passion for canyoning in the province of Alicante.