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Climbing Baptism

Learn to overcome any obstacle!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult Ages: 14+
Child Ages: 10-13

We show you and guide you to the best climbing spots in Alicante!

At Alicante Aventura we want to be your teachers for your baptism of climbing in Alicante. Our guides will take you to places prepared so you can start climbing rock walls safely, as you will always have a rope pulling you up.

What Is

Basically, it is a sport where the person who practices it must use his own body to overcome any obstacle, however high it may be. These obstacles are usually natural stone walls, although sometimes rock tracks may also be used.

Climbing is about overcoming those limitations, both physical and mental, as it succeeds in breaking the belief that there are impossible walls to climb. Through physical effort, determination and intelligence the climber can climb everything he sets out to climb.

What Is Needed
To Do Climbing?

The materials needed for climbing are ropes, harnesses, carabiners, safety devices and cat’s feet, among many other items you will have to discover. But don’t worry, because from Alicante Aventura we will offer you all so that you can enjoy your baptism of climbing.

You will also need to learn the most basic techniques for climbing. Our guides and instructors will teach you before, during and after all those moves and methods to climb safely. Thanks to their experience, they will also provide you with valuable advice at all times.

Finally, you’ll need to put the best of your attitudes. The baptism of climbing will test you mentally and physically. This means that you will step out of your comfort zone, face virtually impossible challenges and, to your surprise, manage to overcome them. That’s why you have to be brave, daring and take everything very calmly.

What Are The
Benefits Of Climbing?

Climbing is a metaphor for life, because in it we may find obstacles that we feel incapable of overcoming. But through learning techniques and with the right material we will realize that that impassable wall is not so high anymore. In other words, climbing helps you overcome challenges.

It will also allow you to free yourself from the stress of your daily routine, connecting with your inner child who always wanted to climb the tallest trees and stones. You will contact nature again and thanks to it you will take home a very beautiful memory.

Do not forget that climbing strengthens your physique, as you will improve the strength in your hands and fingers to have better grip. By using the whole body, it will also improve your strength, agility and overall flexibility as well as stability and balance.