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Gorgo de la Escalera canyon

Let yourself be surprised with this spectacular aquatic canyon!

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Starts At
Adult Ages: 12+
Child Ages: 8-11

Gorgo de la Escalera, an all year round water canyon in Valencia!

The Gorgo de la Escalera gorge is a water gorge that holds water all year round. One of the most spectacular that can be found in Alicante, this gorge is traced through a tributary of the Sellent river, so you have to explore it ready to get splashed.

From Alicante Aventura we offer you guide and material to discover all the captivating details of the Gorgo de la Escalera. With us you will enjoy an aquatic, playful activity that will leave a beautiful impression in your memories.

Located in the town of Anna, the Gorgo de la Escalera ravine is a circular route in which the return from the end of the ravine to the place where you left your car is very easy.

The Gorgo de la Escalera canyon at a glance…

The Gorgo de la Escalera is quite a popular place for tourists who want to go on a rural getaway, although the ravine is not visited that often. If you go straight to the gorges you miss the best.

All along the route of the Gorgo de la Escalera canyon you will find multiple jumps, easy descents and several abseils to reach some points. Its difficulty is low, so it is an ideal water canyon for beginners, and you can enjoy a rural and sporting day that will leave you wanting to have more adventures.

If you venture into the canyon you will find pools that are not very busy, so they are great for having a good time jumping and soaking without crowds of people.

Contact us and we will provide you with all the equipment you need to go through the Gorgo de la Escalera canyon safely and with a lot of fun

Being one of the best water canyoning in the area, at Alicante Aventura we fight to accompany you, because we love to enjoy your smile and your desire to have a good time as we go through the wet canyons of this natural spot.