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El Mascarat Canyon

A narrow canyon very close to the sea!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult Ages: 12+
Child Ages: 8-11

El Mascarat Canyon, a nature show with a large vertical gap and very high stone walls in Altea!

It is narrow and narrow, which was quite a challenge to cross this abyss until all the bridges that can be seen today were built. For adventurers who dare to explore it, you will find a route of almost 900 meters in which lights and shadows create a breathtaking spectacle.

Some walls are only several meters away, while others open much more. It is important to visit it when there is good weather, as it becomes quite a challenge if the previous days have been rainy, as you can find water and make your route difficult.

Location of the Mascarat Canyon

The salt canyon is located in the town of Altea, very close to Benidorm and with easy access to roads. If you’re coming from Valencia, you just have to take the Mediterranean motorway, the AP-7, heading south.

The canyon is located very close to the population center so you can take advantage of the trip to enjoy a full day of adventure. What is very close to the Mascarat Canyon is Morro del Toix, impressive cliffs that can be explored through our kayak route through that area.