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Kayak trips to Villajoyosa Coves in Alicante

Discover some of the beautiful coves of the coast of Alicante!

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Starts At
Adult Ages: 10+
Child Ages: 4-9
Sit Between 2 Adults Without A Paddle

Explore the most beautiful and inaccessible corners of Villajoyosa with our guided kayak trips and immerse yourself in the beauty of the best coves of this charming town!

Discover the most beautiful and inaccessible corners of Villajoyosa with a beautiful tour of the best coves of this beautiful town. With us you will be able to discover cliffs and hidden corners among the rocks, in groups led by expert guides. We will sail through areas of great beauty, difficult to access for any other boat.

We offer excursions of different levels, in double self-bailing kayaks (for people with no experience, families, groups) and in touring kayaks (for those who are already initiated), so that everyone can enjoy from the very first moment without previous experience or special physical fitness.

If you already have experience or have done a course with us, you can do them in a touring kayak. The touring kayaks we use can be single or double. They are stable and manoeuvrable, and their longer length and smaller beam than the self-bailing ones will allow us to make longer excursions or even our excursions of several days sleeping in campsites.

During the excursion the group will have a guide and an assistant who will be in radio communication at all times. Discover the beautiful bays of the coast of Alicante! The kayak excursion through the coves of Villajoyosa will start at the Playa Paraíso campsite, where we will meet for a short introduction to the operation of the kayaks.

Once this is done and we are ready to set sail, we will get into the boats and head for Playa Paraíso. Heading south, we will observe the beach from a very different point of view, and then go to Cala del Bon Nou. We will continue along the sea until we reach the Asparalló and La Caleta coves.

If time permits, we will also cross a beautiful cliff area once we have passed the tourist area. In this rocky area we can stop at the cove, which is difficult to access, where there is a rock where we can jump off for a refreshing swim, snorkel and even relax in the calm sea.

And if we are still in the mood, we can reach the Xarco Beach and enjoy the spectacular views from the sea of the Xarco Tower, which was a watchtower to prevent pirate attacks. Once we have reached this point, we will turn around and return to the starting point.

Kayaks Routes in Villajoyosa

From Alicante Aventura we offer you self-bailing recreational kayaks, very easy to navigate and, in case of a fall into the sea, you can easily get in. No experience is required in its use, so it is suitable for any type of user.

They can be single or two-seater kayaks. In addition, children over four years old can participate without occupying a seat, as they can sit between the legs of adults and enjoy an unbeatable experience for their age.

Come on and enjoy kayaking as you never imagined before!