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Kayak trip to Morro de Toix and Els Coloms Cave

Discover a sea trip full of cliffs!

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Adult Ages: 14+
Child Ages: 13 & Under

The coast of Alicante, Spain offers you a marvellous spectacle of unimaginable stone walls!

The meeting point will be at Mascarat Beach, where we will start with an introduction to how to use the kayaks and explain the whole route. As soon as we get on board, we set off directly towards the Punta del Mascarat and go all along the coast towards the north.

We will arrive at the beautiful Raco del Corb cove, and then we will enter the cliffs already known as Morro del Toix. All along the cliff coast there are areas where you can stop with the kayaks, as well as sea caves. We will do it in the Cueva dels Coloms, carrying out a caving activity to discover everything there is inside.

Once we have explored the cave, we will return to the kayaks to head even further north, to the Gasparet Cove. There we will make another stop to rest, snorkel, have a swim, and regain strength for the return to Mascarat Beach.

Discover The Hidden Treasures Inside Cueva dels Coloms

Halfway along the route we will stop to explore the Cueva dels Coloms, a location that can only be accessed by sea. That is why, thanks to the kayaks, this route is so unique. Inside we will be able to explore some of its galleries and rooms, where we will observe several springs of different sizes flowing towards the sea.

And it is very curious, because the effect of this is that the water is “sucked” by the stone of the Morro del Toix to be expelled again through these springs. This only happens in one other place in the world, on a Greek island called Cephalonia.

The water is calmer in the mornings, so the approach to the cliffs is much calmer. It is also worth bearing in mind that the sun begins to warm up, so you can take advantage of the coolness of the morning to avoid overheating. The afternoons are hotter, but the course is refreshing and you can always soak in.