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Alicante Aventura Wishes You Happy Holidays


This year behind us has been full of challenges and obstacles, where we have all been tested by the pandemic we are living through. But beyond this unpleasant situation, we have been able to enjoy our hobbies and be happy.

Your desire for adventure activities is our fuel, encouraging us to find new challenges. That is why from Alicante Aventura we want to show our gratitude to all those brave people who have trusted us.

A year full of adventures as well as a lot of prevention

Because, in spite of everything, we are missing fingers to count the via ferrata, canyoning, kayak routes and other adventures that we have shared with you. An endless number of activities that have made us smile from ear to ear.

Alicante Aventura has grown a lot since the beginning of last year. We have evolved to offer a service that is as safe as it is fun, listening to you and achieving the small milestones along the way. And that would not be possible without you.

We are very grateful for the trust you have placed in us

But all our crazy ideas, excursions and adventures would not have been possible without you. No matter what we propose, you even sign up for a bomber, infecting us with your energy so that we don’t stop doing what we love so much.

Nor can we forget all those who make it possible: our wonderful guides, instructors, all the office staff and the rest of the team of this great family.

Always on the frontline, they are the ones who are truly responsible for Alicante Aventura being on the crest of the wave and at the highest peak.

And what awaits us in 2022?

Many surprises, to be honest. More activities for sea and land lovers, as well as taking up again the fantastic organised trips to the most exotic corners of the world. Of course, always complying with all safety and health protocols.

We hope that you will continue to join us, that you will continue to enjoy this magnificent land in which we live and all the nature that it offers us. We wish you, with all our heart, that in this year 2022 you will be happy and that we can share many more adventures together.

Thank you for making Alicante Aventura a reality.

Happy Holidays!

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