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Adventure Activities To Give As Christmas Gifts


“Wow, another tie for the collection?” “Didn’t you give me this perfume last year?” “Why did I get that toy twice?” It won’t be the first time you’ve heard these phrases. Although it is a magical time, sometimes you run out of ideas about what to give as a Christmas present.

That is why from Alicante Aventura we offer you an opportunity as different as it is original: to give adventure activities as a gift. Dare with experiences that are as exciting as they are fun and that are sure to become the best gift you can receive.

A gift that will surprise everyone

Adventure activities as a Christmas gift are a great option for those moments when you are not sure what to give as a present. They are that unexpected surprise that makes the eyes sparkle again and the smile widen (especially if the lucky recipient was expecting yet another shiny tie).

Because in an increasingly material world, adventurous activities bring us closer to the essentials of life, to nature and to those precious moments that are remembered for a lifetime. Undoubtedly, sharing this experience with friends and family is synonymous with happiness.

There is a wide variety of options for everyone, from soaring to the top to sliding into the depths of the planet.Even for those who like to splash around in the water more than on dry land. So it’s also a great way to get to know the people around you better.

What are the best adventure activities to give as Christmas gifts?

At Alicante Aventura we have seen with our own eyes how children and adults enjoy active tourism activities. We love to see your reactions and how much fun you have discovering the most beautiful natural corners of our planet.

That’s why, to make it easier for you to give the best gift this Christmas, we have made a magical selection for all your loved ones.

For friends

During the festive season, it’s nice to get together with old friends, have a few beers and share anecdotes. Why not create new ones? For example, by going on some of the best via ferrata routes in Alicante. The beer will come after we’ve climbed to the top.

Another great option for a group of friends who are adrenaline junkies are the climbing baptism. They invite you to spend a magnificent morning climbing the stone walls of a cliff, with the sea at your back and enjoying a sport that is as complete as it is magical.

For the family

Canyoning will turn the typical family reunion into a moment so special that you will want to repeat it. The Gorgo de la Escalera canyon is one of the best options for all kinds of families, suitable for both adults and children.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something quieter and you love the Mediterranean Sea, one option for a family day out is to rent a recreational boat. With them you can explore the cliffs and the most beautiful coves around Villajoyosa. A magnificent opportunity to get out to sea.

For the couple

Has your partner already got you hooked on gifts? They won’t expect an adventurous activity. Being able to share a kayak route, for example, will invite you to do more activities together, multiplying both your love and your happiness.

Our recommendation is the kayak trip under the moonlight, where you will discover the wonderful experience of sailing with these boats, the beautiful coves of Villajoyosa and a romantic dinner on the beach. Don’t you think it’s a very nice gift?

For children

Awakening children’s curiosity and interest in nature is very easy with adventure activities. One of the favourites is a climbing or sailing baptism, making it both a game and a learning experience for the little ones.

And if they like animals, they also have the opportunity to go horse riding. Not only will they climb on the backs of these mounts, but they will also learn how to treat them, how to look after them and forge a bond with these noble animals.

For you

Because you also deserve a treat for yourself, whether it’s to escape from your daily routine or to learn a new skill. That’s why maritime craft courses can become that special treat you’ve been looking for.

For those who prefer land-based experiences, the climbing course is perfect for those who have been curious about this activity. We will teach you everything you need to know to climb any wall, sharing a magnificent day in the most beautiful corners of the province of Alicante.

Enjoy the best active tourism activities with Alicante Aventura

As you have already seen, there is a wide variety of adventure activities to give as Christmas gifts. And for sure we have left out many of them, so it’s up to you to explore and discover them.

From Alicante Aventura we want to share with you and your loved ones these special moments. That’s why we make the whole process easier for you so that you can give adventure activities as a gift without any complications.

Many have already done it, being fortunate to enjoy unique experiences. It can be a specific activity or simply a gift card so that they can choose freely, depending on what you think they would like the most.

What are you waiting for to get the most special gift this Christmas?

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