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New Bungee Jumping Activity

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I would like to share with you the great experience I had doing the bungee jumping activity in a magical, impressive and even legendary place: l’Estret del Mascarat, located between the coastal towns of Altea and Calpe, in the province of Alicante.

Join me on this exciting adventure and let’s get started!

After canyoning in this same place, I was already captivated by the wonderful landscape that the canyon offered, characterised by steep walls of spectacular height with shapes acquired by years of erosion and geological movements, the beauty of its imposing bridges, a beautiful nature and a silence that invites you to disconnect from the day to day.

So when I found out that Alicante Aventura was going to offer bungee jumping in Mascarat, I didn’t hesitate to visit it again.

This time I went with a friend and as we were leaving from Ondara, it was easy to take the AP-7 towards Alicante until we had to take exit 64 towards N-332/ CV-755/Altea/ Callosa d’en Sarrià. We continued along the CV-755 until we took the N-332 towards Calpe/Valencia, as the Mascarat Canyon is located on the northern part of the coast of Altea. Finally, we kept to the right to continue along Carrer Freu and look for the “Pueblo Mascarat” housing estate.

The parking place indicated by the guides was in Carrer de Llevant, an area easy to find and with plenty of parking places.

From there we walked (barely 500 metres) down Carrer Llevant and turned right towards Av. Ronda de la Marina to the small bridge that crosses the Barranc Salat, where the path starts on the left side and which took us down the ravine to the bottom of the bridges to meet our guide: Edu.

My adventure towards the most exciting experience of my life began once Edu gave us the pertinent explanations about how we had to access the bridges, as we had to climb up a rock face holding on to a rope.

As soon as we reached the top of the bridges, at the starting point where we were to be equipped with the full body harness and helmet, three other guides welcomed us: Toni, Guille and Matías.

Although my friend and I decided to wait our turn to see how the other clients would jump and thus take away the shock, it was very pleasant. The guides provided us with water to quench the unexpected heat and Matías even gave us a story as curious as it was entertaining about the origin of the name of the Mascarat canyon, which is due to the presence of masked bandits in the area who would rob the convoys that crossed it taking advantage of the difficulties of the pass.

I was amazed with the professionalism and kindness of the guides, the safety of the facilities and the diligence with which they carried out the whole process; but I want to make a special mention and thank Edu for the treatment I received because with his voice and his instructions, explaining step by step everything I was doing before deciding to throw myself into a brutal 60m drop, he transmitted me a lot of calm, security and confidence at all times.

As for the feeling I experienced, I don’t think I have the words to describe it. I have to confess that I had never dared to do anything similar before, so the only comparison I can make is a mixture of two attractions in a park I used to go to a lot as a child and teenager: Terra Mitica. Those attractions are The Flight of the Phoenix (because of the free fall) and Synkope, because once you get low you’re like on a pendulum before you start to stop. Two attractions in one activity… Imagine the adrenaline rush!

It was an incredible day. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and a thousand THANKS Alicante Aventura for helping me to awaken my emotions, to overcome me and to have a great time for sure, I will come back for sure!

And you, are you going to miss the chance to live this thrilling experience?


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