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10 Years Since Our First Adventure

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It seems incredible how fast time goes by, but it does. It’s been 10 years since Alicante Aventura’s first adventure began. It has not been an easy road, as it has been full of challenges, obstacles, failures and a lot of effort. But it has also been full of beautiful moments and almost unrepeatable experiences.

That is why we want to thank all those who have gone through any of our active tourism activities, all the guides and instructors as well as all the professional staff who make Alicante Aventura a reality. Without you it would not have been possible.

A review of our intense history

There are moments in life when you can ask yourself what you are doing with your life, and what you would like to do from now on. That moment came for Vicente Monerris, who turned his normality upside down to study at the Mountain and Climbing Sports Technician training course in the heart of the Pyrenees.

For two years he studied and worked there, where he learned a lot about active tourism activities. But Villajoyosa was always in his heart and he wanted to bring his passion for this sport to this beautiful town in Alicante.

He rented his first kayaks with the idea of making excursions to the fantastic coves and beaches of La Vila Joiosa, but it didn’t work out well. But beyond getting frustrated, Vicente didn’t give up. He simply learned, like a good adventurer.

He combined his work with hiking excursions throughout the province of Alicante, and then took up canyoning.

Little by little many people were encouraged to follow him in his adventures and to discover the wildest corners of Alicante.

The next step was to extend the adventures to the whole world, and the travel agency Monerris Tour Experience was born. The first trip was to Morocco, specifically to the highest peak: Mount Toubkal.

Other trips soon followed, such as trekking to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna, Langntang, Tour de Mont Blanc, Higlands and Kilimanjaro.

But there were also trips around Europe and Spain, enjoying such naturally beautiful places as North Wales, Georgia or Madeira Island.

The trips not only boosted the more adventurous side, but also helped Alicante Aventura to grow to what we know it today.

In Villajoyosa the activities were expanded, adding the well known kayak trip through the coves of Villajoyosa or the romantic kayak trip under the moonlight.

This opened up the opportunity to collaborate with other local businesses, such as the Camping Playa Paraíso, which became the base for Alicante Aventura in the town.

From kayaking we jumped to coasteering, marvelling all those brave enough to enjoy the fantastic cliffs of Villajoyosa bathed by the Mediterranean Sea.

And then we added more incredible via ferratas, climbing, canyoning throughout the Valencian Community and many, many more activities from the wide range of activities we offer.

How do we hope to see us in the future?

At Alicante Aventura we enjoy offering the best adventure experiences in Alicante, so our mission continues to be to expand our routes, trips, excursions and other daring activities so that you can get to know the most natural side of this incredible province.

Some time ago we indicated that we expanded our activity in the region of La Canal de Navarrés, one of the green jewels of rural Valencia. But we want more and we want to be able to offer all our experience, professionalism and personalised excursions throughout the whole autonomous community.

Now we have our eye on Jávea, in the north of Alicante. We already have a lot of activities planned in the area, but soon we will have a base that will allow us to make all the kayak trips, via ferrata and climbing routes much more regular.

We would like to thank all those who have made this great adventure possible

We can’t stop repeating, over and over again, how grateful we are that you, adventurers, have put your trust in us. And we would also like to thank all the professionals who make Alicante Aventura a reality, from Vicente himself, all the guides, instructors and those who manage everything to make it possible.

Now, more than ever, we can look back and see how far we have come. How we have overcome the ups and downs, the obstacles and the countless difficulties. And, in spite of everything, we have managed to make Alicante Aventura bigger, more incredible and more wonderful than ever.

We want to continue sharing with you all kinds of experiences, from our trademark kayaking routes to our amazing trips to the farthest corners of the world. We hope that when you are looking for adventure, your first choice will always be Alicante Aventura, experts in multiadventure in Alicante.

Thank you very much!

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