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Garx & Villa la Nao Canyons

Discover a canyon duo that can be enjoyed both wet and dry!

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Adult Ages: 12+

Explore these two canyons and spend a spectacular day with Alicante Adventura!

These canyons are located near the town of Bolulla. Specifically, both can be located between Bolulla and the town of Tarbena. To access them the easiest way is to take the CV-715 road from Polop or Callosa De Ensarria, so you have no loss.

You can take advantage of the visit to both canyons with another to the Garx Castle, a watchtower of Islamic architecture and which is currently in ruins, although it is possible to contemplate some of the walls that are still standing to have a magical end to a day of rural tourism.

Garx Canyon

It is a fairly technical itinerary that runs between enclosed walls. Through it you can enjoy several rapids that will allow us to warm up our technique before facing the longest ones, of 17 and 30 meters. To access the latter you have to go through some handrails previously installed.

To highlight the last rappel of this canyon, since it is blown, so the descent will be made without the support of any kind of wall. This challenge will allow you to strengthen your technique in rappelling and know that you can overcome any descent without any complications.

Once completed the Garx Canyon, we can continue directly to Villa la Nao, since both join making it a single route.

Villa La Nao Canyon

Similar to the previous one, it consists of several short rapids and others longer, helping the inertia obtained in the previous canyon to continue. The longest descent is about 25 meters, accompanied by another 22 meters that will leave us to complete it. The latter will be a mere formality surpassing the previous two.

It must be taken into account that the difficulty of this canyon lies in having made the previous one, since we will not be so fresh despite having rested before starting it. It is important to have a good physical shape and experience in rapids. Now, once completed, you will feel lucky to have enjoyed so much of this wonderful natural environment.