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Mela or Abdet Canyon

Discover an ideal place to learn the basics of canyoning!

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Starts At
Adult Ages: 12+
Child Ages: 8-11

Immerse yourself in a captivating descent with jumps, slides and canyon landscapes shaped by water, perfect for those looking for an easy but beautiful experience!

Our mission will be to make you feel comfortable and safe so that you can enjoy this exciting experience and turn it into one of the best memories. We will deliver all the necessary material to carry out the activity and give the appropriate explanations so that you can carry out the tour with maximum safety.

Mela or Abdet Canyon

The Mela Canyon or Abdet Canyon is composed of two sections, one of which is canyon-shaped and narrower while the other has a more open and less claustrophobic disposition, although at no time does this feel.

Depending on the season, the Abdet Canyon can be traversed dry or wet, taking care where you walk when the water begins to cover. In the Mela Canyon there are slides and pools with which to enjoy when the water level is right.

Mela or Abdet Gorge

The Mela Canyon, also known as Abdet Canyon, is a fantastic place to enjoy a fun day of canyoning by water. The area is shaped by the water passage, creating fabulous slides for you to glide and jumps.

Discover a little more about the Mela Canyon or Abdet Canyon, although the real adventure begins when you dare to visit it and discover the place with your own eyes. For this, from Alicante Aventura we provide you with all the equipment you need and a guide for a safe descent.

Location of the Mela or Abdet Canyon

The Mela Canyon is located in Sierra De La Serella, very close to the town of Abdet. After crossing the Beniarda River and reaching the village, parking the car and approaching it is very simple. It is relatively close to Guadalest and its reservoir, where the water flows down this wonderful canyon.

Once crossed, the return to the village of Abdet can be done through a rather steep path, but that then transforms into an asphalt road that will hardly take a few minutes to travel until you are back with the vehicles.