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Callosa del Segura Via Ferrata

One of the newest via ferratas in the province of Alicante!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult K3 3 Hours Family Section
Child K3 Ages: 12 & Under
3 Hours Family Section
Adult K3 - Small Group 3 Hours Family Section
Minimum Of 6 People
Adult K5 5 Hours Technical Section (K3 + K5)

Ideal for both beginners and more experienced via ferrata adventurers!

As soon as you arrive you will be surprised by the steep vertical mole that crowns the via ferrata, but you only have to face it if you decide to opt for the second stage, the brave ones.

The Via Ferrata of Callosa Del Segura is divided into two sections of different difficulty, one K3 and the other K5. Depending on your experience and company you can always choose to do only the first, the most familiar and initiation, or choose to do the entire tour.

In general it is a long via ferrata, and although the first section is simple it is recommended to do it to reach full performance to face the second. In addition, the suspension bridges offer spectacular views and an amazing experience.

Family section of the Via Ferrata of Callosa Del Segura, difficulty K3:

The first section of this via ferrata stands out for its horizontality, although it will progressively ascend through different obstacles. This makes it ideal both for initiation and for a fun warm-up before heading to the sporty stage.

On its route you will find from staple walls to ramps with steel cables. Although what really fascinates about this via ferrata are its suspension bridges. From the Tibetan Plank Bridge to the Chain Bridge, they will be a fantastic challenge for those crossing them for the first time. And even more so the other two, made with wire, which will make you get the best out of yourself.

This stretch takes about 2 hours to reach a stone wall, right where the next one begins. Simple but fast-paced, at this point it is possible to continue with the other section or return to the parking area, ending a wonderful adventure in the heights.

Sports section of the Via Ferrata of Callosa Del Segura, difficulty K5:

This is where the trail of the heroes and the brave begins, because the K5 section of the Via ferrata of Callosa del Segura can leave you breathless. In the sports section you start by climbing the vertical stone mass through staples and raw stone, so you need to have your arms well worked.

Once you reach the summit (and the photo is taken), the stretch does not end there; to descend you will have to follow a “drift” trail with collapsed steps, a fantastic suspension bridge and crest the other summit until you reach the return path. This means that the stretch is long and exhausting, so a good physical shape is required.

At a certain point of the descent it is possible to do rappelling, so it is a good option to go equipped for it in advance. This will shorten the duration of the via ferrata, in addition to the fact that rappelling is a dynamic and fun activity that will put a good end to a fun day to remember for a long time.