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Villena Via Ferrata

Ideal for beginners!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult Ages: 15+
Child Ages: 14 & Under
Adult - Big Group Ages: 15+
Minimum Of 6 People

The Villena Via Ferrata is an easy trip that offers magnificent views of the Vinalopo Valley!

At Alicante Aventura we love to see your smiles when you reach the top, but also how you overcome those fears and nerves in each of the challenging (but easy) sections that have these ferratas routes. If you want to enjoy them safely, contact us and we will explain everything, we will provide you with all the material and our most experienced and fun guides to make you want to repeat.

You will be able to walk along the steep walls of the Sierra De La Villa and contemplate in all its splendor the remains of Salvaterra Castle, an impressive souvenir that was used until the 14th century. Due to its low difficulty, the Via Ferrata of Villena is a great option to start on this type of itinerary, as well as to share moments of adventure and challenge with the family. That’s why if you’re considering trying this type of sport climbing, we want you to know it.

Via Ferrata of the Castle of Salvatierra & Via Ferrata of the Sierra De La Villa:

This via ferrata could be divided into two distinct sections: the Via Ferrata of the Castle of Salvatierra and the Via Ferrata of the Sierra De La Villa. You can choose to do one or both, the first being with a more horizontal route, while the second chain more vertical stretches.

In both the difficulty is K2, so it is suitable for people with little experience, even children and young teenagers who want to start climbing. Thus, you will learn how to use the heat sinks and all the safety equipment before embarking on more complicated ferratas.

Via Ferrata of the Sierra De La Villa

The Via Ferrata of the Sierra De La Villa is the longest of the two. It starts with a vertical stretch of staples, and as the stretches are chained they become somewhat more horizontal and with less difficulty. At a point, you will find a short Nepalese suspension bridge that will serve as a very good experience to learn how to pass them.

Once this bridge has been overcome, it is only left to chain more sections that are more diagonal than vertical, so the difficulty decreases once you have taken the practice to the safety equipment and the climb. Before reaching a Tibetan bridge there is a link with the Via Ferrata of the Castle of Salvatierra, joining in a single route to the summit.

From the top you can enjoy magnificent views of the Vinalopó Valley, the village of Villena and the Castle of Salvatierra. To descend there are two options: via rappel with a 60-meter rope or take a descent path on the other side of the summit.

Via Ferrata of the Castle of Salvatierra

Shorter than the previous via ferrata, the Via Ferrata of the Castle of Salvatierra has two vertical sections and one horizontal section before reaching the junction to reach the summit. The beauty is that to get to its beginning you must go along side paths that will allow you to know the mountain as you approach.

In both possible ways for this they have equipped material, which in this case are life wires to which to tie and have a safe passage. The only difference with the previous track is that the other one is longer, while the approach to the beginning of the Via Ferrata of the Castle of Salvatierra is more entertaining.