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What To See In La Canal De Navarrés: An Area Of Nature And Adventure

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Some time ago we mentioned that Alicante Aventura was expanding to Quesa, with lots of activities and fun. Being a magnificent inland region, it would be a shame not to wonder what to see in La Canal de Navarrés.

That’s why, if you’re looking for a day of adventure and culture, we’ll tell you a bit more about this beautiful area of inland Valencia. And not only that, but also the places to visit in La Canal de Navarrés that will leave you open-mouthed.

A dream place in inland Valencia

For those of you who don’t know it, the region of La Canal de Navarrés is located in the southwest of the province of Valencia, on the border with Castile-La Mancha. With its capital in Enguera, its mountainous relief makes it a fascinating place for nature lovers.

It is a wonderful tourist area for those who enjoy natural landscapes, for those who are looking for a getaway away from the big cities and, of course, for those who enjoy active tourism activities.

The Canal de Navarrés has just eight municipalities, almost all of which are located in the south-eastern part of the region. This makes it the perfect place to lose yourself in nature. If you add to this the rural tranquillity, the traditional gastronomy and the good treatment of its inhabitants, you have the perfect recipe for a fantastic weekend.

10 places you can’t miss in La Canal de Navarrés

At Alicante Aventura we know what to see in La Canal de Navarrés. Our days of adrenaline and fun have led us to cover a large part of its territory, discovering fantastic places. That is why we love to share them with you.

Enguera Castle

It is located in the town of the same name, with a privileged position from which it watches over its neighbours. Enguera Castle is very close to the via ferrata of Fuente de Godalla, being its visit a perfect combination with this activity.

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, you can appreciate the remains of this Islamic and medieval construction with a simple and pleasant excursion. From here you can enjoy marvellous views of the surrounding area.

The Navarrés Waterfalls

Full of waterfalls and lush vegetation, the Navarrés waterfalls are a refreshing natural space for a good hiking session. Located between the villages of Quesa and Navarrés, visiting them is perfect to combine with one of our activities.

The hiking route is about 11 kilometres long, with different wooden bridges, stairs and handrails that make the excursion easier. It is in summer when this magnificent spot is most enjoyable, as both adults and children can bathe in its refreshing, crystal-clear waters.

Salto de Chella waterfall

Somewhat to the south of the previous place, another of the places to see in La Canal de Navarrés is the waterfall called Salto de Chella. It is located in the village of the same name, and quite close by, so it is not necessary to make an excursion.

It is an impressive 25-metre high waterfall that can be appreciated both from a viewpoint in the village itself and by approaching its lower waters. Chella is a good place to stop, enjoy the waterfall and savour traditional dishes of the region.

Puddles of Quesa

Near the Via Ferrata de Los Fresnos are the puddlesof Quesa, natural pools ideal for cooling off after climbing this adventure route. They form an idyllic place in which to finish enjoying a day of active tourism in La Canal de Navarrés.

It is located about 7 kilometres from the village of Quesa and bathing is allowed. It should be taken into account that during the busiest times of the year you have to pay an entrance fee to control the natural space and preserve it properly.

Cave art at Abrigo del Voro

There are many places with history, and one of them is in La Canal de Navarrés. Travel back in time by discovering the cave paintings in the Abrigo del Voro, with around fifty Levantine paintings.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, figures such as archers, women, goats and deer form different scenes showing the art of hunting or ritual dances. The visit is by appointment only and with an expert guide who will explain everything you need to know about this wonderful legacy from the past.

Tambuc Ichnites Site

But we can travel even further into the past at the Tambuc Ichnites site, a great example of the mighty animals that lived there millions of years ago: the dinosaurs. Now only their footprints remain, but they continue to show us how impressive these living creatures were.

The site is located halfway between Millares and Bicorp and is equipped for visits, including a visitor centre. Undoubtedly, an ideal place to visit with children and awaken their curiosity about dinosaurs.

Las Pedrizas Fort

To the south of the previous site, and on reaching Bicorp, is the Las Pedrizas fort, or at least what remains of it. It is a construction dating from the 17th century, hardly any remains are left and the walled enclosure can be identified.

Its location is spectacular, with incredible views of the Baldío ravine and overlooking the whole area from the heights. There is a route that starts from the village of Bicorp itself, perfect for leaving the cars and enjoying another place to see in La Canal de Navarrés.

The River Sellent in Bolbaite

In the town of Bolbaite there is a natural area where the river Bolbaite forms a natural lake that has been prepared for bathing. The area has picnic areas, fountains, showers, toilets and everything you need to enjoy a day in nature.

In this area there are different gorges, such as the Gorgo Cadena. In addition, there is also a submerged cave with an important interest in the field of speleology. In good weather, access is restricted in order to maintain the environment.

Anna Lakes

Another place to cool off after an adventure is the Anna Lakes, also known as the Albufera of Anna. It is a natural spot with a freshwater lake and surrounded by beautiful vegetation, with trees such as elms, weeping willows and poplars to provide large areas of shade.

Numerous species of aquatic birds, such as ducks, can be found here. In addition, for those who feel like it, small boats can be hired to explore the waters, which are teeming with barbel and trout. Bathing is not allowed in the lake itself, but there is a nearby area set aside for this purpose.

Route of the Three Waterfalls of Anna

Not far from the previous area there is a beautiful hiking route. The route of the Three Waterfalls of Anna is gentle and curious, allowing the adventurer to explore the Gorgo Gaspar, the Viking Waterfall and the Gorgo de la Escalera Waterfall, which comes directly from this place.

The path is equipped with ropes, boards, handrails and other elements that facilitate the route. Along the route you can find architectural remains steeped in history, such as some mills, as the inhabitants of Anna managed to harness the power of water to their advantage.

Adventure activities in La Canal de Navarrés

Because you can make the most of all the things to see in La Canal de Navarrés by alternating with some of Alicante Aventura‘s activities. Some of them are nearby, while others are an essential stop for any adrenaline enthusiast.

Both the via ferrata of Enguera and the via ferrata of Los Fresnos, located in Quesa, are very close to these two landmarks in the inland region of Valencia.

There is also the via ferrata del Chorrico and the Castellet canyon in Tous, perfect for an exciting morning.

As far as canyoning is concerned, there are a couple that you can’t miss with us: the Gorgo de la Escalera canyon in Anna, ideal for a family getaway.

And, on the other hand, the Nacimiento ravine in Millares, where a 65-metre water monster awaits you, or perhaps better the maiden that awaits you in the Otonel ravine?

Finally, and one of our most recent activities in La Canal de Navarrés, is the kayak trip on the Escalona reservoir in Navarrés. Enjoy the calm waters and practice exercise with these pleasant boats, discovering all the charming corners of this reservoir.

Surely we have left out many more things to see in La Canal de Navarrés, but there are so many! That is why from Alicante Aventura we not only invite you to discover all the treasures of this region, but also to join us in many adventures that will fascinate you.

Shall we explore this beautiful region together?

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