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The Most Beautiful Towns In Alicante To Visit

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Do you know the most beautiful villages in Alicante to visit? In Alicante Aventura we do, because we love this little piece of land and our adventure activities have led us to discover them all.

For this reason we are delighted to recommend and encourage you to visit the most beautiful villages in Alicante. Enjoy their culture, rurality and nature as much as we have already done.


The white walls of the houses that make up the streets of Jávea are dressed in summer with a multitude of plants placed by its neighbours. Strolling through them is as astonishing as it is refreshing. But the real delight of this municipality of the Marina Alta is in its coast and its beaches.

From Alicante Aventura we always enjoy our visit to Jávea when kayaking in Cala Granadella.

We explore the wildest side of the town, such as the Isla del Descubridor and the Cova del Llop Marí, spaces only accessible by sea, full of nature and culture.


Calpe is one of the most beautiful towns in Alicante thanks to the Peñón de Ifach, visible from several kilometres away. This enormous stone massif offers an impressive panoramic view, being one of the smallest natural parks in Spain. It is also an ideal place to go on one of our guided climbs.

To enjoy a complete visit to Calpe it is essential to stop at some emblematic places.

For example, the Red Wall, a peculiar architectural building that stands out for its colour, or the Roman remains of a fish farm that are nowadays known as the Baños de la Reina de Calpe (Queen’s Baths of Calpe).


If there is one thing the province of Alicante can be proud of, it is its heritage in the form of castles. They can be found in almost every town, one of the most impressive being Castalla. The castle of Castalla crowns a hill almost 780 metres above sea level.

The town spreads out around it and is the centrepiece of a spectacular panoramic view. During your visit you can appreciate details of its construction, of Islamic origin, and at night it is lit up so beautifully that it rivals the light of the moon.


For those who enjoy sun and beach tourism, Altea is almost a mecca. Also known as the pearl of the Costa Blanca, this town has pebble beaches and whitewashed houses, not to mention cobbled streets that teem with life during the summer.

Apart from being one of the most interesting holiday destinations in Alicante, in Altea you can also get away from the urbanity and discover beautiful natural places.

An example of this is our kayak trip to Morro de Toix, where we also do a bit of potholing by going into the Cova dels Coloms.


Although it is more of a town than a village, Dénia is a very interesting destination to visit. The historic centre is beautiful, with the typical Mediterranean maritime architecture and a castle of Muslim origin that offers fabulous views of the town.

But on the more natural side of Dénia there are also natural spaces that are a must to visit. There are plenty of hiking trails, there is the Montgó Natural Park and you can also explore the Cova Tallada with our kayaks on an excursion that is as fun as it is cultural.


Returning to the interior of the province, Biar is another of Alicante’s most beautiful villages. Biar is included in the route of the Camino del Cid. In its spectacular castle of Moorish architecture and its well-preserved medieval streets you can breathe history in the atmosphere.

But apart from the Castle of Biar, other interesting places to visit are the Ojival Aqueduct, a 15th century construction essential for supplying water to the town. You can also discover the cultural heritage in the Municipal Ethnographic Museum, with curious items such as clothing, musical instruments and antique crockery.


Moraira has two things we love: fabulous beaches and amazing gastronomy. Located between Jávea and Calpe, this town is nestled in a privileged corner of the coast of Alicante, with a seaside neighbourhood of beautiful white houses and protected by a fort with more than 300 years of history.

Around the town of Moraira there is a lot of nature to discover, with different hiking routes in almost every direction. It is also the starting point for the interesting kayak trip from Moraira to Benitachell.

After all this sport, you will certainly want to stay and eat some fruit from the Mediterranean Sea.


It seems incredible that such a small village has so many things to see. Firstly, all those rural paths where you can get lost in nature, ideal to visit with the family. Secondly, for its cultural sites, such as its castle of Arabic origin or the museums of salt and pepper shakers or the museum of micro-miniatures.

For those who want to visit Guadalest and combine it with an adventure activity, not far from the town is the Mela ravine in Abdet.

This is a perfect aquatic descent for beginners, ideal for learning the basics of canyoning.

New Tabarca

Did you know that the province of Alicante has an island? It is the island of Tabarca, which is also home to one of the most beautiful villages in Alicante. In Nueva Tabarca there are only four streets, but the surrounding nature is spectacular.

The Tabarca Natural Park is located here, with approximately 1750 hectares of marine flora and fauna. There are guided excursions that allow you to get to know all the riches of the park, because in order to maintain the exceptional care of the park, diving on your own is not allowed.


Did you think we were going to leave Villajoyosa out of this list? Our favourite town and strategic base for our adventure activities has a combination of nature, culture and gastronomy. It is just as enjoyable in summer as it is in winter.

In addition to the colourful houses that embellish the promenade, there are kayak excursions in the coves, coastering, boat rentals, visits to the Chocolate Valor Museum or the Vila Museu.

Not to mention the local fiestas, where a naval battle between Moors and Christians is recreated with lots of lights and pyrotechnics.

Combine a visit to Alicante’s most beautiful villages with adventure activities

Because we left a lot out. We enjoy both the villages and the active tourism activities. That is why in Alicante Aventura we not only invite you to visit them, but also to accompany these discoveries with wonderful experiences such as kayaking, canyoning and guided climbing.

Every time we visit a new town in Alicante, we discover something new. Something that makes us fall more and more in love with this land, its nature, its landscape and its inhabitants. We want you to feel the same way and be able to enjoy everything beautiful in Alicante as we do.

Will you join us?

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