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Redován Via Ferrata

Discover its family section and another one for the bravest ones!

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Starts At
Adult - K2 Initiation Ages: 13+
Child - K2 Initiation Ages: 12 & Under
Group - K2 Initiation
Adult - K2 + K4 4 Hours Of Via Ferrata

Redován Via Ferrata, one of the most interesting and popular climbing spots in the south of Alicante!

At Alicante Aventura we love to accompany both novice and experienced adventurers. That is why if you want to travel the Via Ferrata of Redovan, we will provide you with all the material you need and the best guides to make you feel safe throughout the tour.

The Via Ferrata of Redovan is one of the most interesting climbing points in the south of Alicante and in Alicante Aventura we know it very well because it is one of the itineraries that demand us the most.

Although it is considered suitable for all audiences, the Via Ferrata of Redovan consists of two sections with different difficulties. It is important to know them before you go for one of them, as there is one more suitable for all audiences while the other stage can be quite challenging.

The vertical path of the Via ferrata of Redovan begins in the Sierra de Callosa, specifically on the side that touches this beautiful municipality. It was built in 2018 by Vía Libre and promoted by the municipality of Redovan. As soon as you reach the meeting area you will be surprised how vertical is its sports section, although very safe.

It is considered the second longest via ferrata in Alicante after the Via Ferrata of Callosa Del Segura, so you will have a great time as well as a great experience. To highlight some elements that you can find, such as the different suspension bridges, the step of the staircase and the hinge.

The Via Ferrata of Redovan is divided into two sections, depending on the difficulty of reaching the finish line:

The K2 family section, a simpler itinerary suitable for all audiences.

Less difficult, the family section of the Via Ferrata of Redovan links a good dose of vertical path with horizontal path. It begins with a climb through iron staples nailed to the stone wall, close enough so that they are easy to overcome.

You will then have to cross a dizzying 25 meter long bridge that will leave you suspended as you cross a ravine from side to side. In case you didn’t have enough, then go over a ramp with handrails to access another bridge, this time Tibetan style.

The Tibetan bridge of the Redovan ferrata will take you to the swing pass, the mono bridge and a little more vertical path with iron staples. It lasts about an hour, and in case you give up, you can always access a trail that will allow you to return to a safe place.

The K4 sports section, hopes to be surpassed by those looking for challenges.

If the first section has not been enough for you, you can continue the Redovan Via Ferrata through the sports section. This one has a rather higher difficulty, considered K4. This means that, if you like obstacles, you will enjoy climbing this route like a dwarf.

The sporty section of the Via Ferrata of Redovan begins by climbing a series of collapsed staples that will take you to a sloping ledge with handrails, taking care to avoid falling stones (because underneath you can find our friends and climbing companions).

Then you will climb more staples until you reach a beautiful viewpoint at 60 meters high. It’s a good place to rest and take some pictures, if you haven’t already. Further on you will find the challenging hinge pass, where you will enjoy an impressive walk 90 meters high and separated two meters away from the wall.

The upside-down staircase is the next challenge you’ll find, where it’s inevitable that you’ll see the void beneath you to overcome it. More staples, 40-metre-long suspension bridges and even a fast ramp will be the last obstacles to overcome the Redovan ferrata.