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Villajoyosa: Setting Where The Alba TV Show Has Been Filmed

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Some time ago we were delighted to see how Uncharted, the film starring Tom Holland, used Jávea to film some scenes. But it is not the only one, as Villajoyosa has become the set where the Alba is filmed.

From Alicante Aventura we love to see how they take advantage of the natural beauty of the coves, beaches and cliffs of our environment. That is why we not only invite you to enjoy this thoughtful TV series, but also to visit Villajoyosa and other places that appear in its chapters.

What is the TV series Alba about?

Alba is an Atresmedia series starring actors Elena Rivera and Eric Masip, who can also be joined by Tito Valverde, Bea Segura and Adriana Ozores. It premiered on Antena 3 on 9 March 2022.

The story follows Alba, who returns to her village for a few days to enjoy a holiday. But everything goes wrong when she is assaulted and sexually assaulted by a group of young men. It is, therefore, an emotional drama that will make viewers reflect.

As a curiosity, the series Alba is inspired by a Turkish series, so it is an adaptation. The original story has around 80 episodes, while the one filmed in Alicante will only have 13.

Where is Alba filmed?

Much of the series is set on the Costa Blanca, a location full of nature, colour and beautiful landscapes. Among them in our beloved Villajoyosa, as it could not be otherwise.

In the series you can identify streets, coves and beaches of Villajoyosa, such as the Bol Nou cove, located to the south of the town and where the Hotel Servigroup Montiboli is located, or the promenade itself. But they also explore the incredible landscapes of Finestrat, a charming inland town just a few kilometres from the coast.

Another of the confirmed locations is the Serra Gelada Natural Park, in Benidorm, with its beautiful Mediterranean scenery and huge, jaw-dropping cliffs.

And surely, if you watch the series and have visited this corner of Alicante or live here, you will recognise many other scenarios.

From Alicante Aventura we encourage you to visit Villajoyosa and all the coast of Alicante

Because knowing where the series Alba is filmed will encourage you to learn more about this corner of the Mediterranean, although you yourself will be surprised to see all the natural and cultural wealth that we have here.

For example, the kayak trip through the coves of Villajoyosa is a fantastic way to discover the beautiful beaches we enjoy here from a different perspective. You can even do it at sunset on our incredible moonlit kayak trip.

You can also explore the cliffs of Altea through the Morro de Toix kayak trip, which includes a short stop at the Cova dels Coloms for caving.

In any case, it will be an unforgettable experience and will bring you even closer to the setting of this TV series.

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