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The 3 Best Kayaking Routes Around Jávea And Dénia: Our Favourites

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Do you know the best kayak routes in Jávea and Dénia? There may not be many in the area, but the few that there are are really worth it. In Alicante Aventura we visit them often and we always get a great feeling when we see your eyes shine.

Because we want to show you all the beauty of the cliffs of the coast of Alicante, those corners full of mystery, culture and fun. If you are thinking of taking a holiday or a short break in the area, you can’t miss the best kayak routes in Jávea and Dénia.

Cova Tallada kayak trip

Those who choose this itinerary will start the instruction on how to use the kayaks in a small cove, Les Rotes. As soon as they learn the basics of navigating the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, we will set off along the cliffs of Alicante.

On the Cova Tallada kayak trip you will enjoy crystal clear water and the exploration of coves that are almost inaccessible, at least by land. But the jewel of this aquatic excursion is in La Cova Tallada, welcoming us with its stone arches and refreshing shade.

This cave has a curious history: many years ago it was a quarry, and you can see the different straight cuts in the stone inside the cavity.

One of the emblematic buildings that uses the stone of this place is the Church of San Bartolomé in Jávea.

It is possible to explore the halls and corridors with lanterns, and then rest in this haven of peace. If you feel like taking a dip, you can take advantage of the opportunity to snorkel at the entrance. Without a doubt, an unmissable experience.

Kayak trip and snorkelling in Cala Granadella

But the kayak route in Cala Granadella, not far from the previous one, has nothing to envy. Starting at this beautiful and secluded beach, you will immediately realise how beautiful the surroundings are thanks to the beautiful cliffs and the vegetation that grows on them.

The crystal-clear blue waters will accompany us throughout the route and we will come across different coves, such as En Caló. We will also pass Morro de Pino and then head towards the Cova del Llop Marí, a unique space where a colony of these peculiar animals, the sea lions, used to live. Although fishermen also used it as a refuge.

But the turning point in this excursion along the coast of Alicante is the Isla del Descubridor, a protected area that can be accessed by kayak. We will go around it and explain its curiosities before stopping at a nearby cove to have a bite to eat and take a break from paddling.

Just like the previous route, this route that starts in Cala Granadella is ideal for the whole family, as with the tandem kayaks of Alicante Aventura it is very easy to navigate. So much so that we will even play games to enjoy these simple but magnificent boats.

Kayak trip to the Portitxol Island and the Cap Negre

Finally, another of the best kayak routes in Jávea and Dénia is the one that takes us to Portitxol Island and Cap Negre. It is a short excursion, about two hours, that will take you to different coves and to discover different caves in the cliffs of the Mediterranean Sea.

Some of these caves are the Cova de l’Aigua Dolça, which can only be enjoyed by those who dare to get into kayaks as it is only accessible by sea; as well as the Cova del Tabac, a peculiar place where contraband tobacco was stored.

But there is still more: we will pass under an amazing natural arch known as L’Ansa, at Cap Negre. Once we reach it, we will head towards Portitxol Island, the jewel in the crown of this kayak trip.

Portixol Island is an islet off the coast where you can disembark. It has an interior natural pool where you can leave the boats and enjoy some quiet time snorkelling or simply resting.

Other kayak trips near Jávea and Dénia

As you have been able to see, there are three kayak routes that cover almost completely the entire coast of Jávea and Dénia, or at least the most important landmarks to discover. Even so, just 20 minutes away, there are some other routes that can also be interesting.

Heading south you can reach Moraira, where from Alicante Aventura we do a kayak trip that goes from Moraira to Benitachell. During the route we can see caves such as the Cova de les Rates Penades and the Cova dels Arcs, where you can go caving, the Torre del Cap d’Or and some old fishermen’s huts anchored in the rocky walls.

Another essential route is the kayak trip at Morro de Toix in Altea, also to the south of both towns. Morro de Toix is a unique rock formation, as the rock “sucks in” the water and then expels it in a natural process that occurs only once in the world. And to get to know it better, on the route we will enter the Cova dels Coloms, exploring its rooms, springs and much more.

Take advantage of the day to enjoy snorkelling and coasteering

It is clear that the best kayak trips in Dénia and Jávea will take you the whole morning, and most probably consume all your paddling energies. But for those who can’t stand still, both towns offer ideal environments for other active tourism activities.

You can practice coasteering with Alicante Aventura, climbing and going along different cliffs with a soft mattress of water on your back. This sport is ideal for children, and we know from our own experience that they have a great time.

In addition, many of our kayak trips include snorkelling spots, although there are also cliffs and coves that are well worth a visit just to dive into their waters. If you are a snorkelling enthusiast, Alicante will be your favourite place.

What are you waiting for to grab your paddles?

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