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El Sord Canyon

El Sord Canyon, a challenge for those who already have some experience!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult Ages: 15+
Child Ages: 8-14

Challenge your limits with the Sord Canyon: the perfect opportunity for thrill seekers who want to overcome the simplest and most familiar canyons!

This location will allow you to improve your technique of descent, enjoying a fantastic flying rappel; and on the other, it will prepare you for much more demanding and fun canyons.

Sord Canyon

It is a dry canyon, although in times of heavy rain it is likely to be found with water. It is excavated in limestone, making the tour very enjoyable and beautiful. As for its route, it is a vertical canyon that will add some difficulty for those who have already overcome some of the simpler ones.

The Sord Canyon begins with several short rapids that will allow to warm up the technique of descent, to then meet another two of 15 and 25 meters. The first has a pond of water underneath, which with some rocking can be easily avoided. The second one is flown, which means you’ll have to go down without support on the wall.

Before reaching the end of the canyon, you will have to perform a couple of single rapids. Throughout the tour you will enjoy a canyonized itinerary, which together with the appearance of the limestone rock sure will make it one of your favorites.

In terms of difficulty, it is recommended to travel only with adults, since the longer rapids can be quite complicated for young people, being demanding and perhaps not have as much experience to advance in certain situations. Still, once you get over it, you’ll see yourself capable of anything.

At the end of the Sord Canyon, it leaves us in the channel of the Mela Canyon, so you can continue along it after a well-deserved rest or return to the meeting point and finish the activity.

Location of the Sord Canyon

The Sord Canyon is located in the village of Abdet. To get there you just have to take the CV-70 road from the vicinity of Benidorm, taking you directly to the town of the Guadalest Valley.

In addition, you can take advantage of the trip to also enjoy the Mela or Abdet Canyon, making a day of intense and very fun active tourism. Both canyons are combinable and will allow you to get a great experience in canyoning.