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Estret de les Penyes Canyon

A short but beautiful descent for beginners!

Quick Details

Starts At
Adult Ages: 12+
Child Ages: 8-11

A fantastic landscape with a short but intense canyoning trip experience!

Its stone walls hide a horizontal route, suitable for the whole family and with water springs that will surprise both adults and children. Find out in detail everything you need to know about the Estret De Les Penyes Canyon and how you can discover it with Alicante Aventura. We will accompany you, provide all the material, and have a great time.

Estret De Les Penyes Canyon

The Estret De Les Penyes Canyon is small, short, and beautiful. It is an aquatic canyon and becomes much more intense when it has rained, being in the following days a canyon that is very enjoyable to have cleaner waters.

The path to reach our goal runs through a corridor of stone walls, with little difficulty and perfect for a family getaway. It is necessary to emphasize that the water of the canyon is obtained through different thermal waters, being able to enjoy a crystalline water arisen from springs.

Location of the Estret De Les Penyes Canyon

The Estret De Les Penyes Canyon is located between the towns of Callosa De Ensarria and Bolulla. To get there you have to go to Callosa Del Sarria, where the meeting point is at the Algar fountain, and follow a walk of about 30 minutes, until you find the beginning of the canyon and the first abseil.

To return from the canyon, and once the last abseil has been completed, you descend to a waterfall and exit along a path in the canyon itself without any complications. Then all you have to do is walk back to where you parked your vehicle.