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Infierno Canyon

Dare to go down to hell with expert guides of Alicante Aventura!

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Adult Ages: 12+
Adult - Group 5-8 People

Whether dry or wet, discover the most emblematic canyon in Alicante and in Spain!

Although it is usually a dry ravine, in some seasons of heavy rains it can be filled with water. This makes the tour much more spectacular, although the waters at Infierno Canyon last about a week. Being able to discover it both ways will make your experience much more amazing, although to find it with water you have to wait for specific times of the year. If the circumstances arise and you feel like walking around like this, don’t hesitate to call us.

Infierno Canyon

It is a rather dry canyon, where high walls of white stones stand out that make the light reflect in an almost magical way. This makes it possible to take spectacular photos to keep an unforgettable memory of the adventure.

It is necessary to differentiate the Infierno Canyon from the Cathedral of Hiking, as often both routes are confused. The canyon is a vertical itinerary full of adrenaline, descents and rapids, while the Cathedral of Hiking makes a different route that borders the canyon, but nothing more.

Location of the Infierno Canyon

The access to the Infierno Canyon is in the rural village of Vall De Ebo, which is inland and very close to Denia. To access it you should take direction towards Pego and then the CV-712 road until you find the town. It is also possible to stay in Pego to go together to the access to the canyon.

If you’re planning a rural getaway, not far away is Benimaurell and the famous Cathedral of Hiking, a route that has more than 6,800 stone steps to walk around in a relaxed way while enjoying nature. You will also find places to spend the night.